REPORT : 2020 Q3

This report offers insight into large account takeovers trends that happened over the third quarter of 2020.


False positives


askplaystation: Playstation seems to be cooling off from their normal volume.

disneyplus: A surge in ATO against Disney Plus accounts around 2020-08-25.

hotstar_helps: Hotstar is a subsidiary of Disney that seems to have been seperately targeted, for what looks also like Disney Plus accounts.

facebook: A surge in Facebook complaints with users believing CashApp scammers being the cause. Strangely I didn't notice a blip in complaints directed to Square.

atviassist: Some press occurred before this peak. This data may reflect conversation about the press instead of a surge in actual account compromises. If the complaints rolled in before the press, we could interpret it differently.

twittersupport: The September peak is a false positive related to an internal breach.


This is a total summary of all tweets meeting criteria.

This is a breakdown of totals per @mention which helps find outliers.


Links for manual analysis.