REPORT : 2020 Q2

This report offers insight into large account takeovers trends that happened over the second quarter of 2020. Playstation, YouTube, Studio, and Houseparty had interesting trends. Recurring companies are listed below in Analysis.


@askplaystation : A couple peaks stand out in April with complaints about account details being changed.

@teamyoutube : A peak of YouTube channel attacks .

@studio_co_uk : Typical fraud in online marketplaces which peaked in late April / May. They posted this on the earlier side of the window.

houseparty : Noting houseparty due to appearance at the end of last quarter. As mentioned previously, it's a very strange case, but the complaints are here.


This is a total summary of all tweets meeting criteria.

This is a breakdown of totals per @mention which helps find outliers.


Links for manual analysis.